Song Writing 

Song writing is a unique form of writing that has the ability to touch listeners. This is something written books cannot achieve. There are many ways to make a great song. This can be formal, or semi-formal based on the preference of the particular song writer. However, most writers tend be random in their approach towards creating songs. Having such an unpredictable approach to writing songs can lead to the results being unclear. 

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a song, and not all can be found in the skills of the songwriter, but the foundation of a successful song.. It is true many songs exist that have achieved a degree of success due in part to marketing, but a song can achieve such greatness also by the entertainers performing the song for their fans. 

It is important to know there are some drawbacks to not using a song writing technique. 

It doesn't help to write with no structure, at random. This does not help organize your thoughts or help you focus on other aspects of the writing technique such as the perspectives and elements that make the song great. If you are truly serious about being a songwriter, then you will care about the quality of your work. The choice is your own whether you decide to go with a formal or informal method of songwriting, but know that to take the formal technique requires more effort due to it being against our nature after using the informal methods to do things in life. 

What benefits come from developing a songwriting technique? 

Well, creativity for one. You are allowed more use of creativity in the development of each song, further allowing you to write songs many fans would come to love and enjoy. Simply use a technique that will allow a more creative and enjoyable result in producing quality songs.

Writing New Music, Going Forward & Playing Locally 

Have you ever thought about writing your own music? Have you ever thought about going forward and performing your new music with those local to you? It is an amazing opportunity to see your effort come to life as a finished piece that can be used to entertain the masses, but unfortunately, the two do not go hand and hand. It helps to know if your particular style of music would draw the local crowds, but it is important too that your music is developed properly so it gives the right impression. To do this, you can develop your own technique based on the already pre-designed form of songwriting. Everything in writing has a basic form of designing that can be developed and made more your own, but to be sure your song flows as it should, it is wise to use the basics in your initial draft. After you have designed the song, you can then modify it to your liking.  

So, let's say you have your song finished and it is exactly as you wanted it to be when you first found the inspiration to produce it. What do you do next?  

That can be both simple, as well as complicated. Simple in that you know you must locate businesses or other social functions to allow yourself the chance to entertain the masses with your new song. This is where it can be more complicated. Knowing where a good location is to perform the song, and know where would be a bad location. 

Example, you can be a country singer producing heartfelt country music. But, you are not going to go out and perform this song for a punk rock bar or festival.  

So, it is wise to do your research to allow yourself some idea of what businesses, or social functions you can book your show with. 
When you approach these businesses, always be clear about your intention so to not waste their time. To start it can be very beneficial to volunteer yourself securing more gigs and in turn building on your performance history for future paying gigs. Having your own equipment on hand can also go a long way in appearing professional. Nowadays you have the option to rent equipment for different functions. When you are starting out, this can allow yourself the chance to save more money that could be put towards traveling further, or owning your own equipment. It can also be put towards your travel expenses to expand and play for larger functions.  

Imagine it, you had written your song, and now you are on your way. Standing on the stage looking over the crowds waiting intently to see what you will do. You grab the microphone and signal to switch the back music on giving yourself the feel of being the lead singer of your one man band. But, then nervousness hits. What will you do? Let it go because the locals will have fun if you have fun. So, make your performance one they will remember long into the week or two weeks to follow.

Old School Rock Influences 

Throughout history, music has been impacting the world with meaningful melodies and influential lyrics.  But, one genre has had the greatest impact; Rock and Roll. When we think of rock and roll, we think of massive crowds shaking their heads in an effort to make their long hair spin and lunge in different directions. 

The Artists known as the Beach Boys, were rock and roll for their time. When you compare them to artists such as Black Sabbath, you can see a clear difference. Each of these artists labeled as rock, an example of the evolution from one time to another. This evolution continues even today, bringing new forms of rock and roll such as Alternative, Death Metal, and Post-Hardcore. These genres are more modern and differ greatly from the other forms you may have grown up to enjoy. 

Although each may be different, they still offer a great deal of inspiration for future styles yet to be created. Upon closer examination we begin to find similarities with the past. We continue to see this evolution today bringing more forms to the genre. It can be expected that rock will continually evolve leading to inspiration for what is to come.